Mindshare win at the Drum Search Awards 2015

We are thrilled to have picked up the award for ‘Best Use of Social Media - SEO’ at the Drum Search Awards last night for our Simple Teen campaign for Unilever. 

Simple skincare became a market leader with a brand built around caring, sensitivity and an all-natural approach to looking after yourself. Within the teen skincare market however, there was little focus on caring and cleansing. Instead, it was dominated by problem-fixing messages. The prevailing attitude among 13-30 year olds was that skin was a chore to deal with, and that sensitive skin was annoying and embarrassing. Simple wanted to take on an underserved market by changing the conversation. 

This was an opportunity to educate consumers on the benefits of a healthy skincare routine and addressing a dynamic and tech-savvy audience in a way that would resonate with them was the key challenge.

The Simple Skin Social campaign was designed to meet teens on their own terms and in their native digital environments. Focusing on positive, fresh, and inspiring content, the data-driven approach drew on the consumer’s interests and used their own language to communicate with them – using the positive associations teens have with these interests to reinvigorate their opinion of skin-care.

Using a content strategy that maximised search exposure, seasonality, and the strengths of social channels, Skin Social was built and maintained around audience insights. Every aspect was designed to make teens receptive to the educational elements and to sustain their attention beyond the use of celebrity spokespeople and paid media. Listening to what the consumers wanted, communicating on their own terms, and working in a space that felt comfortable to them, were all key to Simple’s successful approach.

Well done to everyone who contributed to this award-winning work.