Mindshare Trends 2015: Quantified Self

At Mindshare, our future_medialab programme drives our ambition to invent the future of media for our clients. Throughout the year, the future_medialab teams collect new developments in the media, science and creative industries. These are used to identify the themes and issues that will shape the space where data, content and technology collide, helping us to create valuable experiences for brands.

In October last year, we fed all these manifestations into a future_medialab Trends Day. The whole agency – over 400 people, across all disciplines – was involved in brainstorms and ideation sessions to unpick anything interesting happening in media and technology. We used our collective insights to organise these manifestations into six ‘mega trends’ that we believe will shape our industry over the next 12 months and beyond.

Thereafter, our teams looked at these trends through the lenses of their specialisms to identify how they will impact on channels and platforms in 2015. These are the challenges and opportunities we’ll be facing in the coming year – here’s to working together to take full advantage of them.

Quantified Self

Quantified Self is an established trend that is on the cusp of going mainstream. At its core it’s about measuring different aspects of your daily life with the aim of self-improvement or increased efficiency. Dependent on passive data capture, the impending widespread adoption of wearable technology combined with the growth in connected devices, mean that Quantified Self is set to go mass market.

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