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Mindshare previews Trends at Huddle 2017

Our deadline for the launch of Mindshare Trends 2018 is fast approaching, and as a result this has been one of the busiest weeks of the year for the Insights team. One of the main questions that we are trying to crack this year is how our trends vary in adoption and relevance across the UK. We’ve abandoned the confines of our London bubble and have been running research groups in multiple locations across the country. At the same time we’ve been working hard to get a large scale quant questionnaire out into field, as well as numerous mobile ethnography studies to deep dive into the trends with a range of different audiences.

One of the clues that everyone is under pressure is when their attention to detail hits new heights on the research geek scale. The team meeting that turned into a debate about the importance of having consistent colours and flavours of lollipops for our “Tell us your favourite trend” activity planned for Huddle, and how these could then be used as a crowd sourcing predication aid, was a bit of a clue that everyone is perhaps working too hard!

We’ll be sharing a sneak peek of the Trends at our Huddle event, as well as running a final check with just a few more consumers, to make sure we’ve got them exactly right. Oh, and of course there will be lollies! 

Julia Ayling, Head of Research & Insights, Mindshare UK