Mindshare launches world first: Feel Wimbledon

Today sees the start of a campaign that is truly inventing the future of media. 

Feel Wimbledon, which runs all day, every day throughout the Championships, harnesses cutting-edge technology and real-time data algorithms to capture the mood and emotions of the Wimbledon crowd. 

Fans on Centre Court and No. 1 Court plus the crowd on The Hill, will be armed with wearables capturing data on their energy and excitement levels. This will be combined with data from sensors around the show courts and the grounds to measure crowd energy - another world first - plus analysis of global social media sentiment and emotions. The data will be analysed and visualised in real time and beamed live across digital OOH, social media and - all day, every day of the Championship fortnight. 

The Loop Room will be manned throughout the tournament by data and social analysts, creatives, designers, animators, journalists and editors who will interpret and visualise the data and produce live content in real time. 

All media, creative, content, technology and data analysis for Feel Wimbledon is being done by Mindshare in partnership with Wimbledon, creative tech partner Maido and wearables and human data specialist Lightwave. 

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