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Meet your future boss

We’re all going to be working ‘till we’re 75, but not in an office. 9-5 isn’t a thing and no-one picks up their landline phone any more. The working world is changing, fast. And the people best equipped to deal with those changes? The millennials that we’re all so busy writing off as ‘lazy and apathetic.’ Just with every generation that wants to change the status quo, the pushback by the establishment can be fierce.

By 2020, the fast pace of change in the workplace will mean flexibility, empathy and digital savvy will be far more important than many hard skills. And no-one possesses these skills more than this generation of slashies, Instagram entrepreneurs and agile workers.

From the pension crisis to the cost of living in London, the way we work will have to change, which means millennials have a unique opportunity to change how we do business for good – and they’re certainly embracing it. The only question is, will everyone else come along for the ride? 

In this lively panel discussion, hear from Vicky Spratt, deputy editor of The Debrief, Alex Baker, presenter at Kerrang Radio, Trevor Hardy CEO at The Future Laboratories, and Jennifer Healy, chief talent officer at Mindshare, on the issues they see the millennial generation facing in the workplace are. Importantly, the panel will debate the best way to nurture this diverse-thinking talent, and ultimately what millennials want from their careers. 

Matt Rennie, Managing Director, The Box Plus Network

Bauer Media will be hosting 'Milennials: meet your future boss' in Area 0 at 11:00am