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The marriage between creative and technology

What a start to the Mindshare Huddle 2017, the day has just begun and the corridors of Mindshare HQ are already full of hustle, bustle and energy! 

The room for Adludio's Huddle "the marriage between creative and technology" had no seats left with a full house; you could feel the anticipation in the room.

Stephen Molloy welcomes the Huddle on behalf of Adludio who are redefining advertising in a mobile first world and leaders in Sensory Advertising.

Three of the world's leading futurologists Rohit Talwar, Ian Pearson and Steve Wells look into the future of our daily lives giving Huddlers plenty of fire starters.  It’s about when, not if, and how quickly the ideas in this Huddle will become reality and every day to all.

Rohit Talwar opens with a walk through the robots and connected devices that will augment everyone’s personal worlds, many of them seem in the distant future yet he says many are in the market already.  Who knew drones could drop your favourite burger to you while at a festival?  The question is how will it impact people’s lives and what will it look like?

Ian Pearson caused plenty of murmurings and food for thought, talking about active skin; imagine electronic devices under your skin monitoring sugar or blood levels and controlling levels in the body?  Could active skin make us all future Olympic champions or Ironmen?  Ian reports how robotics will keep our health in great shape, link our bodies to tech and make our skin smart – get video tattoos on your arm according to the tastes of whoever you’re about to meet based on their Facebook profile?  Brilliant thought starter to kick off the day!  

Break out into teams next and think of ideas using robots and connected devices, each with a theme: Home; Leisure and Travel; Retail and Work, each a part of people’s daily lives. It’s fast thinking and instant ideas; 60 seconds to think of a concept and share with the group, then 15 minutes to elaborate before presenting to the group.  One team developed Robo-Chef to deliver Michelin class Japanese or whatever you fancy that day – there was a very real sense that Robo Chef is just round the corner.

Other teams presented facial recognition, swimming aids and mixed reality retail applications.  Drowning will soon be a thing of the past and we’ll all be Michael Phelps before long!

Rohit moved on to human augmentation which you could see caused all sorts of mixed emotions around the room, quite scary how technological enhancements will develop new human capabilities and how soon they will become the real deal.  You travel to China and download Mandarin so you can converse fluently with the locals. 

Adludio summarised the session with a demonstration of how Jaguar has used sensory creative technology to immerse people in the F-Type. All thought provoking stuff, in the words of one Huddler “that totally blew my mind!”.

Andy Smith, Agency Sales Director UK, Adludio