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Love Conquers All: The Unrivalled Influence of ITV2’s Love Island

This year’s Huddle saw ITV explore how we built ITV2’s Love Island brand into the most influential show of the summer for the notoriously hard-to-reach 16-34s. 

2018 finalists Megan and Wes were the stars of our panel, giving their unique perspective of life inside and outside the Island villa. ITV’s Chris Goldson steered the discussion, exploring the show’s influence for brand partners with Claire Heys (Director of Brand Partnerships & Content) and the power of the show itself, with Exec Producer Tom Gould. 

Claire shared how we’ve worked with an unprecedented 11 brands this year, leading to products flying off the shelves across the summer. We also ensured brand involvement was authentic and natural, looping products into the islanders’ daily experiences. For example, Samsung phones were a staple of the show, with the Samsung brand team flying into the villa to teach islanders the phone functions, filters and different ways to use it - they were engaged with the product from the start. 

The same applied when Rimmel’s tattoo range became a huge part of the Ministry of Sound villa party, at which islanders were also clothed by Missguided.  

Megan and Wes shared their personal stories, especially on how the show helped propel their personal brands, making them influencers in their own right, speaking candidly about having a platform to change people’s lives for the better (such as mental health, and anti-bullying) and the importance of being honest and authentic with all commercial partners. 

Exec Producer Tom gave us an insight into the show’s core values which must remain for each series (it’s a show about relationships - not sex!), as well as how they add twists and turns to the format… by bringing people in at the right times, with each character offering something unique at the perfect moment. 

For something to be truly influential, it needs to have your attention, get people talking, and create change - Love Island has delivered that massively for viewers, brands and especially for Megan and Wes themselves!