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The journey to post human is about to begin…

Seven years ago, Mindshare experienced its first Huddle which has now become a much loved and envied part of our DNA. What I love about Huddle is that everyone can participate and contribute. To run a session, you don’t need to be famous or have written a book, you just need a point of view or question that you want to share and debate. 

We designed Huddle as an antidote to the typical boring conference with key notes, the same old panels and huge audiences that move like lemmings from session to session. At Huddle, no one has the same agenda, you pick your own day from 100 different options. Of course, we do have some big names in our agenda but the size of the audience is limited to our biggest space available and everyone must play by the rules of no sales pitches and limited PowerPoint. For me, alongside the Huddle sessions themselves the Off-Huddles are what really sets this event apart and brings our office to life. For one day, each year our office becomes the home to a festival, we call it a festival of ideas. It is fun, inspiring and the best thing that happens in our industry if you ask me!

Over the years, we’ve explored several different themes from the future of media to being human and now we are entering an even more futurist space of Post Human. What happens when the machines really take over? This year’s Huddle theme is pushing the boundaries of what most of us can imagine, so expect to come away with your head buzzing with questions and ideas. 

Personally, the theme makes me think about whether you can entirely replace human touch? Is it just what we are used to? or is it a basic human need to feel something in an interaction? When I buy a product online I don’t get the same physiological feeling than if a human has been involved. If all transactions become automated by technology would it change how we spend our money? Can you replace the role of the sales assistant who tells you that you look amazing? Is that role just replaced by the feedback you get from your social networks?

We are currently in an era of human + technology where technology is being used to speed up, enhance or improve the capability of humans. I think this will pivot to a new era of technology + humans, where humans are engaged to fill the gaps that technology can’t deliver on. Essentially it will be technology first, but the question is who gets to decide? If this November will be your first huddle at Mindshare then I hope you love it as much as I do, bring on 9th November!

Joanna Lyall – Managing Director, Mindshare UK