Huddle 2015: what it means to be human with DCM

In a world where tech augments our bodies, where data seeks to quantify the self and where content strives to reach and influence every being on our planet, Mindshare's 2015 Huddle looked to explore what it means to be human right now, across technology, design, data, culture and business.

At the annual event that took place on 12 November, Digital Cinema Media (DCM) curated a strand of events, with this year’s theme centring on The Storytelling Animal.  

Stories make us human. We shape stories, but they also shape us. Stories are how we communicate, connect, learn and think. In an increasingly uncertain world, stories are more important than ever as they give us understanding and comfort, entertain, inform and bond us together.

DCM therefore invited experts from the world of film and cinema to explore the seven basic storytelling archetypes across six sessions.

The universally recognised archetypes are: Rags to Riches, Comedy, The Quest, Tragedy, Voyage and Return, Rebirth and Overcoming the Monster to Mindshare. 

Programme highlights included, Terri White, Editor, Empire and James Dyer, Editor-In-Chief (Digital), Empire talking about the storytelling theme ‘Voyage and Return’, where they discussed the enduring appeal of Star Wars and how it’s parents’ moral duty to ensure their kids love Star Wars while reliving their own childhood through the passion.

Under the theme of ‘Tragedy’, Editor of Amy, Chris King, spoke to DCM’s Head of Film, Tom Linay, about his integral role in making the highest grossing British documentary and how the process differed from his work on other projects, such as Senna. 

Filmmaker, Ed Blum spoke about ‘The Quest’, framing around the huge task of getting your first feature film made and into cinemas. Ed spoke about attracting an A-list cast on a film with a budget smaller than most Hollywood films’ catering budget. He also gave some insight into what he’d do differently, if he were to have the chance again.

Ed Edwards, Writer, Filmmaker & Creative Director, Ragged Crow, and Luke Taylor, Head of Branded Entertainment, Pulse Films, discussed the storytelling animal, deep diving into the archetype, ‘Rags to Riches’. The panel discussed emotionally engaging people with your brand by telling a story – you need to have a brilliant idea and trust it.

Genesis cinema owner, Tyrone Walker-Hebborn, covered off the theme of ‘Rebirth’, talking about the boutique cinemas’ journey and, in particular, how the Genesis was reborn from its days as the Paragon Theatre of Varieties where Charlie Chaplin performed and where the Kray Twins frequented, to the unique cinema it is today.

Finally, Darren Walsh, winner of Best Joke at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, finished the day off by treating attendees to a special, film-inspired mini stand up session.