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How to fight unconscious bias

Recent research found that women in ads are portrayed as intelligent 61% of the time, whereas men in ads are portrayed as intelligent 89% of the time.1 Men were also onscreen four times more often than women, and spoke seven times as much.  

Unconscious bias is an issue not only in the media but also the workplace too. It can have a big impact on issues such as recruitment, mentoring and promotions. According to McKinsey’s “Delivering Through Diversity” report, gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity is correlated to a higher financial performance - companies with more ethnically diverse executive teams are 33% more profitable. However, despite this statistic there is a huge lack of diversity in the workplace. Indeed, only 9.7% of executive positions in the FTSE 100 companies are held by women. This is certainly a telling statistic when women equate for around 47% of the UK workforce.  

LoopMe’s unique Huddle session will explore how you, as media and marketing professionals, can understand your own unconscious bias, to be a better colleague and marketer.  

We know that advertising often relies on subjective assumptions and we want to equip you with the tools and knowledge to tackle harmful stereotypes in marketing.

Join LoopMe’s GM International, Pete O’Mara-Kane, Chief Data Scientist Leonard Newnham and Enei’s Unconscious Bias Coach, Anne-Marie Senior, in this eye-opening, interactive session which will showcase and highlight the glaring issue of unconscious bias in media and explain how AI can have a role in fighting it. 

See you there.