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How CNN is preparing itself for the future of news

How CNN is preparing itself for the future of news

If you attended the CNN talk, “The Future of News”, you would have received an insightful talk by Inga Thordar, Director of Editorial and Programming Worldwide, about how they are futureproofing their service and five things she thinks the media industry should watch out for in the coming years.

Inga began by explaining the two sides of the news – the human led news cycle and the industry itself, which leans on technology to be able to deliver the news. Both are important as to how a news service distributes the best story, to the right audience, at the right time.

These three elements sit at the core of what CNN are aiming to do when they distribute their news stories. Hardcore stories are interesting for everyone, but you need to think how you are packaging them up. CNN believe that you must cater to all audiences and tailor your content to the platform you are distributing it on. This is the new art and craft of digital storytelling.

Inga focused on two new services CNN are in the process of launching: ‘The Update’ and their VR capability. The Update is their new service on Snapchat, which conveys the stories that matter in a straightforward, factual way. CNN are now also able to deliver high production VR from around the world. Most recently you could track the recent eclipse from eight different locations across the US.

Lastly, within the lifecycle of a news story, Inga pulled out the importance of following up after the news story and listening to the conversation from consumers. Publishing is not the end.

Looking forward, Inga believed that AR, voice activation, personalisation, automation, and AI are all going to have significant impact on the news, in how it is created and consumed. Although she believes you can begin to see the effects of these elements on news (i.e. AI generating sport and business stories), it will be a few years yet before technology will have the editorial judgement to run the newsroom.

Callum Sibley, Account Manager, Mindshare UK