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Go Good or Go Home – why Generation Alpha’s determination to do good will signal the end for brands who don’t

Beano Studios takes a ‘Kid First’ view of the world and hears from three inspiring kids who are out here doing their thing and rebuilding the broken, paranoid world of their Millennial parents!

Beano Studios talks to Femi the Diana Award winning 12yr old who has set up his own coding company which has helped thousands of children with Autism or Tourettes learn to code. Lola (12) who has been vegetarian for 2 years and has strong views about what she will and will not buy; and Emily (12) born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus who fights for the right to do all the stuff that her friends take for granted. 

Brands really need to listen to the likes of Femi, Lola and Emily who demand empowerment, are determined to give back for good courses and fight-the-fight for representation. Our young pioneers are not alone in their already-formed and hugely developed expectations of brands – who frankly speaking now have to live up to them.

Brands are no longer being bought for status-sake, but bought for their impact on our world.  Brands need to measure up and learn quickly how to be Kid First..