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The End of the World is Nigh and Mutha Wants to Throw a Party

By Will Pyne, Chief Creative Officer at Brave Bison 

It’s time we all got real when it comes to the knackered state of this planet. Most of us (those who believe in science) would agree that we have thoroughly rinsed the very home that gave us the fundamentals to evolve in the first place. Last week at Mindshare Huddle I was joined by Creative Director at Brave Bison’s sustainability channel Mutha, Drew Wolf and Alex Asen from the United Nations, to debate whether the media industry is doing enough for our planet and to inspire sustainability.  

We’ve had the ‘final call’ from scientists who’ve told us we’re running out of time to change our ways, that a doomsday scenario may come sooner than we thought. WWF have just released a new ad which cuts to the chase: “Are you for the world or against it?” One of the ‘comments below’ was from a guy called Ted: “What I don't get is these videos tell us to change but never how to. More on that in a minute. 

Let’s talk options. We can stick our heads in the sand. Deny the science. Crack on, business as usual and hope that it all sorts itself out. And the sticking plaster approach? Somehow I just don’t think it’s going to work. Passing occasional motions like banning plastic straws will barely touch the sides. Too little, too late in my opinion.  

So can we do? We can embrace activism like Greenpeace to cajole society, governments and corporations into changing their ways. This may work in terms of attention, but does it actually change behaviour and are we desensitised to the doomongery that fills our social feeds? And when we engage online, is it just a bit easy to click and share the bad news to ‘demonstrate’ that we’re doing our bit and feel a little bit perkier about ourselves. Slacktivism. 

Our new platform Mutha is about those people actually doing something. Changing something in their lives. Designing products with a better future in mind. Offering services that make this world a better place in the future. Individuals making small but important changes to how they live their lives. Fact is there are million of, individuals and businesses actively doing something to help fix this beefy predicament.  

And Mutha wants to throw a party. Yeah. The end of the world is coming and we’re gonna throw a massive party. A metaphorical one, mind. A ‘how to’ party for sustainable and conscious living. A party full of gregarious, entertaining types, into the stuff you and I are. People who are showing us, all of us, how to sort this mess out. 

Mutha loves this idea: If we’re to inspire people to make small but collectively critical changes in behaviour that help humankind be more sustainable. By talking the language of tech, food, fashion and travel - some of the industries arguably at the epicentre of global decay - Mutha wants to hook people on conscious living through the things they love, via the entertainment and personalities they seek out on the internet. We can still do what we love doing - we just need to think a little bit about how...  

What does this look like?  

Think about YouTube-friendly vegan cooking challenges.   

Inspiration to go plastic free on your period or how to create upcycled neon street fashion sustainably.  

Think about virtual reality as a means of teaching people about technology that can reduce world hunger. 

Think about organic mushroom farmers in the middle of New York who are driving the circular economy. 

Recommendations on how to globetrott while offsetting your carbon footprint.   

The list is endless.  

Because it’s all happening. And Mutha is throwing a ‘how to’ party where you can be inspired and learn how exactly, in 2018, you can you play your part in sorting this gaff out.  

We’re working with organisations like the United Nations who have 17 goals for sustainable development. In its internet friendly tone of voice Mutha is helping the UN to communicate the creation of a healthy and more resilient natural environment and climate, with better jobs, less pollution and improved lives for people. 

We’re working with brands, often accused of feeding our pathological consumerism, who can affect change. Look at the fashion industry. We’re not about to stop buying clothes but we can buy from brands who make them more consciously.  

Sustainability isn’t about tree hugging eco warriors anymore and we can’t stop living in order to save the planet. Sustainability is about every single one of us doing what we love doing but in a more conscious way. But, like Ted, we’re not all super clear on the ‘how’. Your Mutha can help.  

And it’s not a witch hunt, it’s not about waging war on those who ‘don’t’ - because none of us are perfect. It’s about celebrating and encouraging those who ‘do’. 

To quote the voice in that WWF ad - “win the biggest battles in the small moments, every second every day”.  

Join the Muthaship.