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The do's, the don'ts, and inside track on Love Island

Mobsta's 2018 Huddle saw our Commercial Director Maxwell Jasper Brown interview Love Island 2018 contestant and Specsavers Spectacle wearer of the year winner 2017 Alex Miller.

Interestingly Alex never aspired to be in the public eye, he was asked to be on Love Island (and relented at the third time of asking) with less than a week’s notice and with very little time to consider what his motivation was to go into the villa, be it for love, fame or to boost his Instagram followers, most of which were family and friends before he appeared on the show. Since then a very down to earth Alex has kept himself busy working with brands he has an affinity for such as Twinzz and Boohoo. 

Interestingly he felt well represented in the Villa but did shed a little light on how certain elements are managed; such as limited reshoots of key moments and even nudges from the producers to share gossip with fellow housemates whether they might be badly received or not. Also, the intrusive nature of the cameras watching you while you sleep!  

In hindsight Alex may have played the game a little more if he had had more time to consider his plans before going into the house but ultimately he wouldn't have changed anything he did, except maybe 'cracking on' to another of the girls rather than Megan. 

After Alex's post Love Island experience he is confident that it is possible to make money as an influencer though you need to strike while the iron is hot, immediately after the show has finished and be prepared to go out of your comfort zone to take advantage of the boost your Instagram will naturally get. Alex doesn't like to post to his quarter million followers for the sake of it, and shy's away from the limelight, feeling uncomfortable when people recognise him in Tesco, but is planning to use his new raised profile to launch a project he can relate to and is genuine to his life pre-Love Island as the Naked Handyman. 


Mobsta and Mindshare wish Alex all the luck in the future and thank him for coming to the 2018 Huddle.