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Do brands still have influence? Marketeers vs. mums

It may come as surprise that, in mum terms, we’re living in a “flip year”. This year will be the first time that there are more millennial* mums in the UK, than there are not – suggesting that brands can no longer afford to class millennials as a just a niche segment of their broader audience if they want to be successful. 

Channel Mum are tackling that perception through original and high-quality content, delivered by a team of mummy influencers who are able to talk to their peers in an authentic way. 

Perhaps wisely, given it was 4pm, Channel Mum decided to host “The Mother of all Quizzes” during their session to pit their research panel of over 1,000 mums against the expert marketeers in the room. Assuming that each attendee had a need for insight about mums, or a specific interest in that demographic, they tested the audience’s knowledge with a series of questions that explored everything from brand trust, to the importance of #spon posts.  

Some of the most glaring gaps in the room’s knowledge related to how much value big name brands over own-label and the opportunity for cost-savings. When asked whether which three things they valued most when buying products, trust, price-cuts and giving back to consumers came out on top – leaving purpose and heritage in their wake. Another surprise came when the marketeers were asked about boost that ethical marketing gave to sales; in contrast to our perceived wisdom, ethical marketing efforts actually split the market, with mums much more savvy to the cynical motivations that brands might have in pushing an ethical agenda.  

Thankfully for all in the room, we correctly guessed that it was better for brands to be honest about their mistakes than attempt to cover them up. Turns out that some things your mum taught you as a child continue to hold true, even in the marketing world! 

*those born between 1980 and 2000.