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Collaboration and Discovery Through Competition

Gundeep Anand is the 28 year-old founder behind The Last Stand*, London’s biggest street football tournament. Established to unite disadvantaged youth from some of London’s most deprived areas, The Last Stand is now in its third year and has given countless young Londoners a second chance through the exposure of their own natural footballing talent. 

Inspired by the tenacity and resilience of the exact communities he was targeting, a simple idea of creating an impactful street football tournament pushed the organization, formation and eventual launching pad from a local perspective. Gundeep was hesitant about this unique approach for a few reasons: was he targeting the right people? Would the tolerance for sharing and establishing alignment become unvalidated? Could we all work together to solve uncomfortable problems? What were the risks involved with doing so? He knew he wanted to impact not only one community, but unite many. But how?

The Last Stand promotes mutual economic understanding along with empowering participants to be positive role models in their community. Participants describe this event as an outlet, competing locally, while actually depending on one another rather than big branded leagues. The football tournament also uses amateur filmmakers to create highlight reels and flex their creative muscle. The artistry of digital storytelling becomes an invaluable part of expressing the soul of the communities involved and best of all, the beloved sport.

Gundeep will be joining Quantcast on stage at this year’s Mindshare Huddle event in London on November 15th. In the session, you’ll gain real life insights into how to establish successful social-led projects in the face of tough odds, unite communities, and inspire people to work toward common ideas. Since launch, The Last Stand has brought unity to increasingly divided parts of London in the face of hardships and social injustice, and made stars of young talent within their own communities. The larger sports community has started to take notice, with many of The Last Stand participants going on to work as presenters, directors and collaborators for global sports brands. 

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