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The Big Brain Quiz 

This year’s Mindshare Huddle event was as jam-packed and buzzy as ever. The Big Brain Quiz, a session with Newsworks and Neuro-Insight, really put delegates’ brain power to the test. 

“We're all in the business of influencing behaviour - we want to understand what's going on in people's brains when they see advertising and how they respond to advertising in different environments,” said Niki West, client services director at Newsworks. 

Quick-fire rounds included questions on memory encoding and emotional responses to ads, as well as fun facts. How well would you have done? Do you know how much of the brain is made up of fator which part of the anatomy is unusually large in London taxi drivers?  

Other questions highlighted the importance of emotion and getting people to remember key brand messages in advertising, to ensure it has an impact on customers and leads to future actions, withresponses to well-known examples including Diet Coke and Heineken 

Context is also vital and has a huge impact on how people respond to advertising. The last round tapped in to the differences between ads appearing in quality editorial environments versus the run of the internet, showing the effect of context on brain responses to identical ads.  

Newsworks and the Association of Online Publishing (AOP) partnered with Neuro-Insight to investigate this in more detail earlier this year. The ‘Context matters’ study shows that ads in quality editorial environments are more effective: 

  • Left brain long-term memory encoding, which correlates with decision-making and purchase intent, is 21% stronger on premium sites than during general free browsing  

  • Engagement (personal relevance) is 50% higher on premium editorial sites than during general free browsing  

  • Emotional intensity is 25% higher on premium sites than during general free browsing  

Thanks to everyone who took part!