Advertising Week:The Programmatic Evolution

On the Guardian stage key speakers from different standpoints came together to discuss how programmatic is driving the next wave of mobile advertising. However this year’s already dominant issue of Ad-Blocking began to form the backdrop of the conversation, warning of the factors that prohibit the consumer media experience on mobile. Tapjoy’s Andy Chandler stressed the significance of the value exchange, and in particular the mobile consumer’s proficiency in the understanding and acceptance of this transaction. Here it is argued an advert served strategically in the app journey to avoid annoyance and of relevance to the user’s interests is a happy undertaking by that user to enjoy the app content thereafter. It is also effective monetisation from a mobile content provider perspective.

As much as the placement of the ad within the media experience is key, the wider context of finding receptive moments in respect to how the mobile is being used was emphasised by all the speakers. The data that fuels the programmatic market should be used to make human judgements and infer whether or not an impression is of value to the consumer, as much as the advertiser at that time. Yahoo's Doria Michail highlighted the relevance of micro-location data in retail stores to this discussion. Using beacons to engage user’s price checking on their mobile phone in proximity to those very same items is a personal and relevant form of disruption. Native advertising, if done correctly, was also mentioned for its unique tone. However, combining this with the efficiencies and scale of programmatic remains a challenge; one which Than Khine, Head of Programmatic at Hearst, noted is being explored by them in the US.

The session came full circle by situating these ideal mobile executions against the use of programmatic which the speakers argued has encouraged Ad-Blocking. We were warned against irritating, irrelevant and disrupting ads bombarding users at scale. As long as this continues, the ability to install an Ad-Blocker will continue to be exercised.

By Will Green, Mindshare UK, reporting live ftrom Advertising Week