Advertising Week: Emotion and Immersion

The UK is the world's 21st happiest country. So not that happy at all then. While this may sound like a gloomy and arbitrary stat, it actually carries huge implications in the world of advertising and in Mindshare's pursuit of Being Human in the industry.

The Pearl & Deane and Anomaly co-led session revealed that happiness is actually very important to brands - or rather, it should be.

Consumers have two key systems at play in their brain: System One and System Two. System One is emotional, visceral - it's where we feel things and experience life. System Two is rational, fact-rooted. All too often and historically, advertisers have focused too heavily on the second system and negated to engage the heart as well as the head. Purchase decisions are increasingly emotional, and as such, we as an industry need to respond to that. So which channels are best?

Cinema is the channel which scores best when it comes to happiness. In a world in which we are hugely time-poor, the big screen offers unparalleled escapism. The research shared in this session revealed that consumers feel happiness spark from the moment they decide to go to the cinema which lasts until days after the event - sharing thoughts and anecdotes with friends post-film even perpetuate the feelings associated with going. So what makes it so special, and what can brands do to capitalise on it?

Cinema offers an environment where sound and vision work together in perfect harmony; a moment of purist engagement where System One drowns out its more logical counterpart and allows consumers to truly invest in an ad.

In order to do so, advertisers must learn to view the channel as its own creative arena and not simply repurpose their TV ads for a wider format. We need to instead look at the various audiovisual tools available to us: the sound bed, the power of silence, the rich colours and plush surroundings. Only then can we truly tap into the emotion and immersion that cinema can afford, thereby creating the most memorable experiences for our consumers imaginable.

By Danielle Northcott, Mindshare UK, reporting live from Advertising Week 2016