Advertising Week: A Cosmopolitan Conversation with Tinder

Tinder has succeeded in disrupting one of the most personal aspects of human life; dating. With its user numbers continuing to grow at a staggering pace, it's no suprise there was a big queue outside the ITV stage. 

When asked about where the idea for Tinder came from, Founder Sean Rad, said it was the vulnerability which can accompany dating - a very human response. He said that it felt "weird" and uncomfortable to approach people in real life. Tinder provides that all-important introduction.

He was also keen to defend criticsm of the app. "People think first impressions are superficial but they're not." He stressed the social purpose of the company to create quality connections, whilst noting anyone looking for a brief hook-up will do so inside their app ecosystem as well as everywhere outside of it. Rad also sees Tinder as more than just a dating service. He now uses it as a recruitment service to headhunt tech types and interns. 

The session drew to a close with the notion that the need to ever improve the user experience is central to comply with their mandate to facilitate meetings to change lives for the better. With the app still growing, and the promise of branded partnerships to come, this is certainly one to watch going forwards. 

By Will Green, Mindshare UK, reporting live from Advertising Week