Advertising Week: Action is the true measure of artificial intelligence

Microsoft's Chief Envisaging Officer Dave Coplin spoke about the relationship humans have with technology. It shouldn't come as news that there is a vast lack of trust in artificially intelligent machines with fears being spread in the headlines about our jobs being taken over by technology. This mistrust has worrying implications for our industry. Dave's solution? We must rewrite our relationship with technology. Brands must find a way to get a handle on how best to utilise it - and quickly. 

The key to reimagining this relationship is to realise that artificial intelligence is created to imitate us, and imitate patterns like language, Chess or Go. Ambient intelligences like Siri, Cortana or Google search can allow brands to communicate with consumers and pre-empt their needs. AI can enable technology to act on our behalf if we chose it to so that completing mundane tasks can become a thing of the past. The approach brands need to take in the future therefore is to consider the outcomes, not the delivery, and take more holistic approaches to their advertising.

Computers have perfect memory and can lead us to insights we would never have had ourselves, and communicate instantaneously. These two qualities have allowed advertisers to serve media more accurately than ever before. The best agencies in the future will be those like Mindshare, which blend the best of human qualities like creativity to create content, with the super human insights that technology can give us from data, and do away with the pre-digital business as usual approaches. 

By Tariq Muman, Mindshare UK, reporting live at Advertising Week