The company culture at Mindshare is entirely focused on the future. Our mantra is ‘to invent the future of media’ and if you’re interested in being a part of this future, we’re the only company to work for.

In return for your enthusiasm and curiosity about the future, we’ll provide you with the opportunity to work on simply the best client portfolio in media land. We’re also committed to providing a range of programmes designed to develop our people both personally and professionally.

The whole agency is currently undertaking a Transformation programme, which is being orchestrated by our partners Hyper Island. Transformation includes a series of intensive training sessions, all agency Future Days and monthly Ideate mornings – all of which equip our team with the skills, techniques and confidence they need to help invent the future.

Another all-agency initiative is future_medialab, which is a blog, a research programme and an inspiration forum for Mindshare staff, clients and partners.

And finally, of course, there’s Huddle