Becky Power

Becky has worked in the advertising world for more than 20 years. She trained in graphic design and quickly discovered a passion for all things digital, winning her first Grand Prix for a digital campaign in 1999. She has led creative teams in London and Paris (where she became overly fond of cheese) for Digitas, FullSix Group and DLKW Lowe, and has worked in just about every industry sector.

Becky joined Mindshare in 2015 and believes that multi-disciplinary collaboration leads to great creative work. Her team works in close partnership with media owners across all platforms, combining strategic insights, creative talent and technology to take ideas and make them real. Through their award-winning work, they’ve thrilled tennis fans with a trip inside Andy Murray’s head, used biometrics to make live ads out of real emotions, turned 96-sheets into Instagram filters and immersed families in an exciting mystery adventure series.