Huddle 2018 - Content Hub

The New Era of Influence White Paper

Who or what is influential?

Is it your girlfriend or boyfriend? Is it the News at Ten? Or is it Donald Trump when he’s tweeting in the small hours of the morning?

At Mindshare, it’s our job to understand the mechanics of influence on human behaviour, wherever it appears along the fault lines of technology and humanity.

Unfortunately, “influence” – whether that be a person, brand, or medium – can often be a fair-weather friend, aided and abetted by a rapidly shifting fluid technological and cultural landscape.

Mindshare’s recent Huddle was devoted to this very theme, and this report synthesises the discussions that took place.

Firstly, we identify the sources of influence on human behaviour that are remarkably constant: the psychology of decision making, brands, media, content and context.

Secondly, we discuss the new and emerging forms of influence that have been enabled by technology:  algorithmic recommendation, digital assistants, biometric data, consumer advocacy and the decline of trust.

Finally, we explore the overarching tensions from which future sources of influence will emerge and of course, we take a look at what this all means for communications.