We're proud to announce the launch of Grow@Mindshare, a new, dedicated division designed to help startups and other businesses looking to dramatically accelerate their growth through media investment. Grow@Mindshare has already been working with Gousto, the online recipe delivery company, and Picasso Labs, the data-driven creative optimization firm. The team will be led by Joanna Lyall, Chief Commercial Officer, Alan Weetch, Client Partner, and Ruth Zohrer, Head of Programmatic Marketing.

Grow will work with new digital enterprises, start-ups (Series A funding onwards) and other businesses who are looking to make their first significant investment in marketing. All will be able to draw upon Mindshare’s extensive experience and expertise.  

The new team will give the next generation of digital disruptors, like Gousto and Picasso Labs, access to Mindshare’s industry-leading insights into human behaviour. This will enable them to cement their proposition with their current audience and find new audiences to drive growth. Also, Grow’s clients will explore alliances with Mindshare’s unrivalled network of clients, partners and WPP companies, plus take advantage of GroupM buying power and flexibility.

Grow will work closely with its clients to create bespoke strategies and media investment plans that can be scaled up or down, depending on the business need. Grow will work with clients on a project basis, making it very quick and simple to get started.

Helen McRae, CEO at Mindshare UK, said: “We firmly believe that one-size-doesn’t-fit all, and this move lets us take our considerable expertise in media buying and audience insight into new, high-growth areas which will hugely benefit from having access to our top talent, and partner network. Launching Grow@Mindshare means that we will now be more attractive to some of the most exciting startups across the globe.”

Joanna Lyall, Chief Commercial Officer at Mindshare UK, said: “We work with some of the world’s best known brands and we’re incredibly excited to be able to take these key learnings and apply them to the most innovative companies currently looking to grow their market presence. It is equally valuable for the learnings to go the other way as well.  It’s also a really fantastic proposition for our people to work on. Having a mix of dedicated resource and the option for our top talent work in Grow for a defined period of time is a great way to encourage new skills and expertise across all areas of the business.”

For more information email grow@mindshareworld.com.