POV: Trending: Micro-Influencers

It is no secret that the MENA region’s “celeb influencers” are sometimes proving to be very expensive for any given campaign. Due to the fact that the market is unregulated, many of the brands are discovering new means of activating their campaigns, one of which is utilizing micro-influencers.

We can safely define “micro-influencers” as personalities with a total fan base ranging between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. These influencers are proving to have better control over their community due to the smaller reach and niche audience. The engaged audience is seen to have a much more passionate reaction towards these social profiles than that of a larger fan base. This year will bring many challenges to the table, one of the critical ones being the fact that, simply, everybody wants to be an influencer. This will challenge the social/digital teams in identifying the right profiles.

However, this being set as a great strategy and approach during our times of experimentation, we notice that a lot of the brands out there make it very hard for influencers/micro-influencers to deliver their content without invasiveness and intervention. We recommend that brands take into consideration these three guidelines when launching their next influencer campaign.

Pushing detailed technical/product aspects is not always a must. Rather, playing around it creatively is always a better approach – and a healthy challenge for brand and agency teams!

Having to control the timing and days of the launches can sometimes feel inorganic and interferes with the influencer’s organic strategy; and this sometimes can risk making the content feel staged and contrived.

Finally, demanding instant activations without allowing the influencers the time to experiment with the product/brand is pushing all influencers to offer an experience that is less authentic, something that the audience will be wary of.

A few of our clients ran similar micro- and large-scale influencer campaigns and managed to stay ahead of the game by giving the influencers the freedom to express their honest opinions about the product, and by keeping content fun, engaging, and organic. Results from almost all regional campaigns have been positive and impactful.

We are witnessing a new direction in social campaign strategies that is still evolving every day. We are enjoying experimenting and experiencing new approaches to social media, side by side with our clients.

Ray Samman, Social Media Manager - Mindshare UAE