POV: No Stopping for Influencer Campaigns in MENA

Influencer marketing is still in a continuous state of growth. Having already discovered their influencers, marketers are getting better at having a pulse on who the consumer knows, likes, and trusts. Users nowadays are looking for genuine advice from a trustworthy source; this need is coupled with a signs of ad fatigue and the ability to quickly discern promotional from genuine content. Now is the time that brands should start exploring micro-influencers with followers relevant to the brands’ target audience.

Planning a campaign with an influencer might take up to two to three weeks, so our recommendation as a first step would be to get a proper brief ready with the brand’s guideline at least two weeks before the campaign launch date to give the influencer the freedom to work on creative content that relates to the brief, sticks to the brand guidelines, and communicates the campaign objective properly. Having said that, we’re big advocates of the content staying true to any influencer’s style and tone without compromising their perceived personal brand to their followers.

Here are a few key points to consider when planning an influencer campaign. Start early! Give yourself a timeframe of at least a few weeks. Ensure that the content strategy is relevant to both the influencer and the brand, and follow engagement rate rules – at least for now. Consider the follower base in terms of psychographics and quality of interactions – MENA brands should take note that this should be relevant to the brand’s market. And finally, always remember that the fewer followers, the higher the possibility of engagement.

Sara Hammade, Social Media Executive – Mindshare UAE