POV: Live Streaming Engagement

On social media, people like it when they ask a question on a company’s page and the moderators answer quickly because it shows that the company cares about the users. One of the most effective ways for businesses to engage with users is live streaming.

Let’s take the most popular live streaming platform for example: Twitch is known for broadcasting games and e-sports events, but users can also broadcast creative content. Adobe, for example, does live tutorials showing the users what they can do with their software in order to advertise their products. They take advantage of the livestream feature to conduct live Q&As, where the users type their question in the comment section and the person broadcasting the stream answers them. Having a person answer you in real life is much more effective than a moderator answering your comment.

This is just one example how livestreams can be engaging: some broadcasters have actually turned livestreams into live video games where users can play the game using the comment section. Let’s say you have a character that’s being broadcasted live, if a user types the word “UP” the character moves up. If a user types “RIGHT” the character moves right.

How can we take advantage of live streaming on Facebook? We can enable users to control some of the elements the visuals. Let’s say for example that we’re asking the users which car color they prefer: white or red. Instead of using a picture of each car and asking users to vote, we can create a racing game: the two cars start at the bottom of the screen, each time a user clicks the like button, the white car moves up. Each time a user chooses the “love” reaction, the red car moves up. At the top of the visual there will be a finish line, so users can compete to push their favorite car all the way to the end of the race.

This creative use of live streams can be applied to a wide range of business types and opens up further opportunities for gamification of content.

Walid Fakhreddine, Graphic Designer - Mindshare MENA