IAB Mixx Award

IAB Mixx - Best Game in Campaign Silver Award

The Case

For De Lijn it is crucial to convince new targets to try out our services at new moments (not during commuting peak hours that is).

That is why we chose to confront frequent car drivers with their habits and decided to invite them to try Bus & Tram when travelling to the city.

The insight we used was the fact that people visit the city mostly to relax (shopping, culture, restaurant,…) but time after time get stuck in nerve racking traffic situations thanks to their car addiction.

The TV campaign, with a popular mini-hero, installed this insight under the umbrella : Leave your stress at home.

A more personal activation strategy was built around it to enhance the personal relevance of our message, to stimulate conversations in social media and to push our target towards the change of behaviour.

The most personal medium = Mobile

After 2 successful activation campaigns ( GPS voice, Potverpot ) it was crucial for us to create an engaging mobile experience around the ‘leave your stress at home’ campaign. And what better and  more engaging than a game optimised for mobile devices ( iOs, Android ) and the web.

The Campaign

The main objective of the campaign was to increase awareness & generate mobile game downloads. 

The approach was to integrate social media for viral purposes, desktop & mobile-based performance channels as download enhancer platforms and video & premium channels as awareness & branding supports.

Premium & RTB channels were used together with retargeting beacons to collect data and improve

the download volume.

The Game

As a core mechanic we chose to use a game mechanic that was familiar with our target audience and addictive enough to maximise engagement and brand awareness. The endless platform side-scroller was a perfect match, but we added a twist to the core mechanic:

we made it extremely stressful to play.

The longer you played the more stressed our hero became and the harder the game became making it extremely addictive to play. To keep your stresslevel down you needed to catch euro’s, shopping bags and bus tickets and avoid stupid dogs, construction pits and parkmeters.

The Results

The game was download more than 350.000 application downloads (on the App Store + Play Store combined) in Northern Belgium with an extremely low Cost per Download. The game was played more than 14 million times. reaching 65% of the 18+ Dutch-Speaking population. And we held the #1 position of the Top Free Games for 20 days on the Google Play Store and for 15 days on the App Store.

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