Vores Image_Hack kampagne hædres med en Gender Design Award.

Mindshare Integreret bureau

Vi er stolte af, at vores kampagne Image_Hack er blevet udvalgt og hædret med en Gender Design Award, en såkaldt ”2017 iGDA Revolution” af organisaitionen international Gender Design Network/iGDN.

Juryen siger:

Danish media agency MINDSHARE demonstrates in an exemplary way how an excellently designed and subversively executed concept can shake up outdated images of women.
 MINDSHARE teamed up with skin and hair care company Dove to break the stereotypical image of women portrayed in the media. Collaborating with advertising photographers, MINDSHARE produced images of strong, independent and genuine women in non-stereotypical situations and professions. These images were uploaded to Shutterstock and tagged in order to alter the search results, with the tagging also being designed in an empathically gender-sensitive way.

The jury considers this campaign particularly gender-sensitive and innovative, as it hacks the advertising industry from the inside. The action of legally infiltrating a very powerful and established infrastructure like Shutterstock provides a foundation for creating more gender-sensitive advertising.

As an intentionally open-access design action, this campaign also provides a platform that invites participation and collective effort, as it actively encourages advertising photographers to produce realistic images of women and, hopefully, inspires advertising agencies to use these photos. Additionally, the design is extremely sustainable because Image_Hack can continue to grow if professionals keep replacing misogynist images and thus essentially change the digital and printed reality.

Om prisen:

Det er organisationen international Gender Design Network/iGDN, der står bag den nye award. Fra 2017 hædrer de hvert år initiativer inden for 2 kategorier: iGDA Revolution og iGDA Evolution.

Awardshowet holdes i Köln i oktober, hvor Mindshare Danmark deltager.

Kampagneside: www.imagehack.org

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For mere info, kontakt Head of Social, Mette Bierbum Bacher, på 31674457.

Creative Director: Kenneth Kaadtmann
Client Director: Michael Hansen
Strategy: Mette Bierbum Bacher
Copywriter: Kenneth Kaadtmann
Copywriter: Anne Ingevold
Art Director: Sune Overby Sørensen
Digital Designer: Andreas Berglund
Media Buyer: Henrik Welling