Adaptive marketing POVs

How to use data for better brand solutions

Today was the third day of being here and running from one session to another. I attended four sessions based on my theme 'Adaptive Marketing' each one them was different but tied up to one thought of using data for better brand solutions. 

A special mention is for a session which was not part of my theme but is well worth mentioning called ‘Winners & Losers in Digital in 2017’ by Scott Gallaway. It was no less than brilliant. I am short for words to express how inspiring it was. He even received a standing ovation from the audience, humbly accepted with gratitude and left the stage.

5 Learnings from the Theme:

  • Deforming lives via Machine Learning. It's making the world we live in smarter, providing answers to complex problems from tackling climate change to improving public health. This makes the world a much more intelligent place to be in and people to take conscious decisions. Loved the example on how toxicity can be measured on emails – totally relevant while writing client emails!!
  • Dynamic changes in creative world. Be it via machine learning or through voice recognition, it's making the creatives move at a very fast pace. Imperative to have such data points in day-to-day planning to move ahead with agility and guide creative partners into driving better media efficiencies.
  • Intelligent personal assistant filling in the void in the fast-paced lives. Certain examples across countries and markets in the world of AI by the Google Assistant, Ding-Dong, The Golden Key or the Bibo are making lives super convenient. They unfortunately are more relevant to the more developed nations who would have to invest in them, I doubt scalability though. Back in India, for a client I am working with, I would be keen to explore something like the Bibo healthcare service for Kids.
  • Staying ahead with VR. With innumerable studies and data to support, Voice recognition has surely helped simplifying lives and in the future, it is predicted to surpass text requests completely. Surely a learning for brands to clear out ways and look into marketing strategies based on voice.
  • Invention of Art through Data. Was totally overwhelmed with this session in terms of how data can be fed into create visual magic and have a clear logic towards it. Stephen Cartwright has brilliantly been recording an exact longitude and elevation and created art out of it. Clearly an inspiration to other artists to get fascinating ideas and stories out of it.
  • Inseparable connection between data & Creative. It is great to see how marketing analytics is shaping up currently and facilitating building richer creatives. Super learning here as to how we need to sync up and integrate audience research, data science and creative execution.

Summary for the Day:

Most of the sessions today were about synchronising creatives and data either via machine learning, voice recognition or live data. It's making the world a much more beautiful and logical place to live in. In the future, the dependability will only increase. Hopefully progress will be made across all nations and the world will move up to another level of artificial intelligence.

Quote from the Day:

  • ‘Google is god. Facebook is love. Amazon is our digestive track’. Apple is Sex’. – Scott Gallaway (L2)

Written by Supriya Malhotra