Mindshare Futures

Here at Mindshare, our purpose is to create valuable experiences for people in media. 

As technology reshapes the ways in which brands can reach consumers, all too often the human at the end of the ad is neglected. We aim to change that and focus on creating valuable experiences for people and brands.

Mindshare Futures is the research programme that underpins our purpose. It runs throughout the year, constantly monitoring and testing emerging tech innovations and the wider cultural changes going on in the world.

Every year Mindshare Futures produces the annual Trends report, a look at the technology and cultural trends we expect to see accelerate throughout the following 12 months; and continue to resonate for the years ahead. Some are brand new, and some have developed out of trends we have highlighted in previous years’ reports. 

People remain firmly at the heart of all Futures research. For the annual report, we surveyed over 3,000 people, held focus groups, ran online qualitative and diary-style exercises with over 100 people, and carried out social and search analysis. After all, it’s not a trend unless there is actually some kind of consumer motivation behind it. 

Click HERE to read the 2017 Trends report and to find out more please email marketing.london@mindshareworld.com